A mindset of Marketing in today’s Business

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In many ways starting a business is easier today than it has been historically. In Australia, there is a lot of online places to promote your products or services. The only thing that you have to do right away is to start.

Meanwhile, for those who want to improve their business, they like to have their own platform. At least, they want to have their own website. By having a website, they can control everything. The most important is that they are able to engage with customers and try to make them loyal.

Nevertheless, it is not easy to start a business using your own website. It is not as simple as building a website to display your products. You have to make it visible to your potential customers. You have to make them believe in your business. That’s why you have to know the mindset of marketing in today’s business.

Try to Educate

Marketing is not only about how you promote your products. Today, people don’t like to be offered all the time. They like to be educated instead. Therefore, you need to educate your customers with great content. It can be an article, picture, info-graphic, or video.

Create an educative content related to your product. In fact, it is the best way to promote your product.

Be Creative

When you create content, make sure that the content is created creatively. Creativity makes your content emerge in the crowd. Possibly, there are a thousand contents which deliver the same … Read More

Understanding Startup Valuations and How to Calculate them in the Early Business Stage

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You may have heard the term startup Unicorn, which is a term for startups with a valuation of above US $ 1 billion. But the question is, what exactly is the meaning of startup valuation? How to calculate it?

Definition of startup valuation

Valuation is the economic value of a business. If there is a company that has a valuation of Rp1 trillion, then anyone who wants to fully acquire the company must prepare a minimum of Rp1 trillion. This valuation figure is usually used as a reference to measure how much a company’s business potential is.

As a startup founder, you need to calculate valuations to determine the percentage of shares that will be given to investors when funding occurs. This valuation is also important to determine the selling price of your startup in the event of a merger or if there are other companies interested in acquiring your startup.

Startup valuation versus conventional business

The startup valuation calculation method is actually similar to conventional business. However, because startups in the initial stages usually don’t get any revenue or profit (which is usually the basis of valuation calculations), there needs to be a slight adjustment.

To calculate the valuation of a conventional company, the following things are usually taken into consideration:

• Company value on the stock market (market cap).

• Value of other types of shares owned by the company (e.g. preferred shares, minority interest).

• Company debt.

• Company cash.

From these variables, company valuation can be … Read More

The Basics of Business Secrets You Need to Know

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There are no magic tricks in business. The secret that all Entrepreneurs need to know is that no success wheel can be bought, everything is created and built with hard work alone. Most young entrepreneurs only dare to start businesses that 98% already believe they will not bring problems and only focus on overcoming the 2% likelihood of problems that will arise.

Any business now makes a website as a must have, including new business people. A cool website that some of them didn’t expect would cost quite a lot of money and time. For the sake of getting this cool website, sometimes Entrepreneurs even make it a show off compared to product promos. Until in the end, if the cool website is ready, they are too overwhelmed to promote the website compared to the product. In fact, using a Facebook or wordpress fanpage even Twitter and Instagram accounts are much wiser because they do not spend much time or money. The way to promote it is also easier and very fast developing.


The purpose of doing business is to get money. Unfortunately, young entrepreneurs are often trapped to raise the price of goods as high as possible in order to get even more profits. Instead of busy raising prices, sometimes Entrepreneurs forget to improve product quality and innovate.


 The fear of creating products that are not in the market’s interest is one of the biggest fears of Entrepreneurs. Even though the method is quite simple, just sell … Read More