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financial marketShares rose for the fourth consecutive week, the longest stretch since August of 2018. The principle motive might be that being a relatively new know-how it requires huge investments below high uncertainty, given that the outcome continues to be not determined, and only huge players can afford it. Certainly, if we have a look at the capital market spending over the last years, it is growing at spectacular rates (+50% YtY in 2015) and it is anticipated to achieve $400m by 2019.

Throughout the European Union, the European Markets and Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) was adopted to control the over the counter (OTC) derivatives market, and the Markets in Financial Devices Directive (MiFID) was launched to stop market abuse and to create a governance construction for a single, pan-European market for investment providers.

There are additionally many derivatives, structured merchandise and collateralized obligations available, primarily within the over-the-counter (non-exchange) market, that professional traders, establishments and hedge fund managers use to various degrees but that play an insignificant role in personal investing.

Depository markets: A depository market consists of depository institutions that accept deposit from individuals and corporations and uses these funds to take part in the debt market, by giving loans or purchasing other debt instruments equivalent to treasury bills.