The Basics of Business Secrets You Need to Know

There are no magic tricks in business. The secret that all Entrepreneurs need to know is that no success wheel can be bought, everything is created and built with hard work alone. Most young entrepreneurs only dare to start businesses that 98% already believe they will not bring problems and only focus on overcoming the 2% likelihood of problems that will arise.

Any business now makes a website as a must have, including new business people. A cool website that some of them didn’t expect would cost quite a lot of money and time. For the sake of getting this cool website, sometimes Entrepreneurs even make it a show off compared to product promos. Until in the end, if the cool website is ready, they are too overwhelmed to promote the website compared to the product. In fact, using a Facebook or wordpress fanpage even Twitter and Instagram accounts are much wiser because they do not spend much time or money. The way to promote it is also easier and very fast developing.


The purpose of doing business is to get money. Unfortunately, young entrepreneurs are often trapped to raise the price of goods as high as possible in order to get even more profits. Instead of busy raising prices, sometimes Entrepreneurs forget to improve product quality and innovate.


 The fear of creating products that are not in the market’s interest is one of the biggest fears of Entrepreneurs. Even though the method is quite simple, just sell the idea or prototype first. If the reaction given by the buyer is considered positive, then you can develop it into a special product or rare item. If the rare item develops into a public favorite, then you can produce it as a favorite item with even more quantity.


There is no harm in giving special gifts or services to your loyal customers as young entrepreneurs. Giving one form of appreciation can maintain customer loyalty where loyalty is the biggest form of investment you can get from customers.

Focus. Trust yourself with your product, your customers, and yourself. Do not be careless with all the achievements and failures that exist. Keep guessing, predicting, trying and analyzing.

The last secret you need to have is to focus on the value of your product. Instead of spending time and energy looking for something that customers will buy, you will learn far more from the products you believe to be successful. Let’s discuss in the comments column! You can also get creative young business information through Facebook or Twitter Studentpreneur.