What to do when launching your commercial blog

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Launching a commercial blog can be a major turnaround for your life. With blogging, you can make thousands of pounds monthly, connect with people from everywhere in the world as you share your knowledge with them and work on a flexible schedule. However, you need to be intentional about blogging from the very beginning. Here are pointers for starting your commercial blog:

Choose a name and set up your blog

You need to choose a good domain name for your blog. Your domain name is what people type in the address bar on Google if they what to go to your website. Your domain name must resonate with the type of content you want to publish. For instance, if you want to be in the personal development niche, people should be able to detect that from your domain name. after you have gotten a domain name, look for a good web host where you can register it on. Ensure it is a web host that provides you with the strongest internet security around. Choose your hosting plan and type in a strong username and password. Write both on paper and keep it somewhere so that you do not forget.

Choose a good look for your website

This is where branding comes in. You need to make your blog attractive and professional. What your readers see must be visually appealing if you want to retain them. if you cannot do a good job yourself, try getting a professional website designer to build an attractive blog for you. The colours you use must be in tandem with the brand voice you want to be identified with. If your blog is all about positivity and encouraging others, you should go for colours that enhance people’s moods. To host your website, you could visit Britainreviews to read about host companies’ reviews to know the right company to host your website on.

Create content consistently

What people want from your blog is value. It is not all about the technical stuff or the aesthetics of your blog. If people do not get the value they are expecting from your blog, they will leave sooner than you expect. Depending on what you set out to do, create good content around it. If your blog is a humour blog, people want to see or watch the funniest videos. Find powerful topics in your niche to write about. Look for the not so obvious challenges that people need help dealing with and provide answers to them. You can use online surveys, social media, Google trends notification, interviews, etc. to collate data on what you want to talk about. Ensure what you are creating content about is your area of passion and genius. This will help you to do a better job and keep you going even when it seems you are not getting results.

Promote your website

You cannot be doing a good job with your blog and hide its light under the bushel. It is not enough to be satisfied with the number of readers that trickle in when you start your blog. You have to spread the word about your blog. Look for bloggers whose blog you can guest post on. You have to shop around to get bloggers who will allow you to write on their blog. When you find them, write something that they want so that and go the extra mile with it. in your social circle and social media profiles, share your blog links with people anytime a new blog post comes up.

Set up an email list

Do not wait until later to start a newsletter. Add an email list to your website the moment you start blogging. There are a lot of huge benefits that come with this. Your engagements shoot up and your shares and read increase. Also, if you are selling anything through your blog, you will find that your sales will shoot up as well. Besides, your ranking on Google and social media will fluctuate over the years and this will cause a big impact on your goal. However, if you have a working email list, you do not have to get worried.

Utilize social media

Set up a strong profile on big social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Make yourself likeable on these platforms in a way that does not flout your values. Then share your content there and respond to every engagement on it. You do not have to focus on every social media platform especially if you do not have the time. Focus on a social media website that you can easily find your way around and you will get bigger returns.